Research-Based Documentary Project by Mina Shelby

The Research-Based Documentary Project on Art Education was part of an early field experience structured around the creation of a short documentary presenting student-driven research projects. Students were encouraged to expand their perspectives on “Art Education”, conceptualizing beyond traditional sites of learning (k-12 and schools) to include non-traditional contexts (community centers, art collectives, museums, public art, digital sites, etc.). In addition to developing skills in multimedia production, this semester-long project provided students with a structured methodology for doing artistic research of an interdisciplinary nature. Pre-service teacher candidates can include the final documentary as an artifact in their portfolio for certification to illustrate competence in digital technology.

Student Bio

Mina Shelby is a May 2014 graduate of Indiana University’s School of Arts and Sciences.  She graduated with dual degrees in Fine Art and the History of Art.

Student Showcase - Mina Shelby

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