Miss America, Racist 7R0LLing

Animated Gif


I created this animated gif in response to the racist comments that followed the crowning of Miss America in 2013.

As a form of critical image production designed to critique the racist discourse that emerged through social media, I combined two internet memes.

  1. Troll face was used to draw parallels between traditional Internet trolling and the racist responses to crowning an Indian-American with the title.  Those who were outraged suggested that an Indian-American was not an adequate representation of what it means to be “Miss America”.
  2. I followed by using the “deal with it” meme as a response to the racist commenting – or – racist “trolling” of Miss America’s win.

You can find my animated gif hosted on Know Your Meme, here: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/610221-2014-miss-america-twitter-backlash

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