As the World Turns, 2004

Five-channel video and sculptural installation incorporating multi-actor live performances

Collaboration by Hallie Jones & Aron Conaway

Project Description

This video contains documentation of a collaborative project named after the American soap opera As the World Turns. The site-specific project took place in the basement of Swanson-Reed Contemporary Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky.

The artists installed five temporary “living room” scenes using a range of domestic furnishings, including couches, recliners, coffee tables, televisions, carpeting, blankets, etc.  Each “living room” was developed with a corresponding video piece that played on a television.  Multiple actors were cast to perform the simple domestic role of watching TV.

Gallery visitors were directed through the installation by a red line of tape with arrows placed on the floor. We intentionally designed the pathway, using visitors’ bodies as obstructions that would violate the line of sight between the actors and their television screens.  The actors were directed to dedicate their full attention to the media on display, excluding all immediate possibilities for social interaction with viewers.

Emphasizing the discomfort of interruption inside a typical domestic scene, we hoped to create a space for reflecting on the power of the moving image and its socio-cultural impact.

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