a bit about me

I am an interdisciplinary artist, thinker, researcher and teacher. I am a Doctoral Candidate (ABD – all but dissertation) at Indiana University where I am currently writing my dissertation and working to complete my doctoral degree.  My major is Art Education, located in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education, with minors in Inquiry Methodology and an “interdisciplinary minor” (Visual Media Studies) blending Cultural Studies, Art, Aesthetics and Media.  My professional experience in education includes teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Art and Teacher Education at Indiana University and The University of Cincinnati, working as a graduate teaching and research assistant at the University of Louisville and teaching visual art full-time at an inner-city public high school. 

I served as a co-editor for a special issue of the International Journal for Zizek Studies focusing on artistic and creative forms of scholarship in collaboration with Dr. Kristopher Holland of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP). In April 2014, I served as the Chair of Artistic and Creative Research for the International Zizek Studies Conference.

I spend my spare time snuggling with my two Great Danes, Kahlo and Voodoo. 



Why I love what I do


I love engaging in inquiry, no matter the subject or discipline.  Theory and the philosophy of research are conceptual spaces that open up a world of interdisciplinary questions that can be pursued academically and creatively.  As an artist and thinker, this fuels me with creative inspiration for my writing and making practices.  In teaching, my goal is to share multiple approaches to thinking and learning with my students so they are intellectually equipped for successful and fulfilling careers in our rapidly changing global society.

The late Elliot Eisner referred to “the curriculum” as “a mind-altering device”.  I have experienced the rewarding and transformative power of education.  Each semester, I am humbled as I witness this sacred experience taking place in the lives of my students.  They remind me that my own learning is never complete, as I change and grow alongside them.

Want to explore some of my students’ projects? Student Work